Yume100 has officially launched in Indonesia.

17 January 2017 - After gathering feedback during the close beta test, Yume100 Indonesia has been well polished to respond to our players' requests as much as we could. And finally, the destined day we have all been waiting for has arrived. Today, at 15:30 (GMT+7), we're launching the game officially on both App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).
Yume100 Indonesia is a puzzle role-playing game which originates from Japan, featuring both romantic narrative and addictive gameplay. It is regarded as one of the most successful and most popular games for women in Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand.
The game's user interfaces and screenplays are localized into local languages. The character voices, however, remain in original voices (Japanese voice). This is decided so that our players will receive the most enjoyable experiences from many well-known seiyuus in Japan. We guarantee nothing but the best of voice quality that will melt your heart!
For more information about Yume100, please visit the website and join our community to find out more. Let's not keep your prince charming waiting too long!


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